Avesta: My Amateur Translation of Yasna 29 of the Holy Gathas 


1. Unto Ye complained the Soul of the Bull, For whom have Ye created me; who has fashioned me thus?
I am defiled by Wrath, Robbery, Savagery, and Affliction of Tyranny.
I have no herdsman but Ye; show me then the good things which know herbage.

2. Then the Fashioner of the Cow asked of Asha, Where hast thou a lord for the Cow?
That he may offer protection with zeal and make mighty with fodder?
Whom hast thou made for a lord, that he may smite back the wickedness of the wicked?

3. Him answered Asha: There is not a lord for the Cow who might be without tormenting.
It is not known to them, what manifestly rejoices the righteous.
He is the mightiest of beings at whose call I come to serve.

4. Mazda is it, who knows best the works of men and of Daevas,
Which have been wrought hitherto and which shall be done hereafter:
Ahura alone has the judgment: may it happen with us as He will.

5. Thus we two pray with uplifted hands continually to Ahura Mazda:
For my soul and that of the fertile cow: for wisdom in doubtful questions.
For the righteous shall not perish, nor the diligent cowboy, amongst the wicked.

6. Then Ahura Mazda spake, knowing all science by His wisdom,
“Is there not a lord, nor a guide who proceeds from Asha?
Yet I the Creator created thee for the herdsman and the farmer.”

7. This Manthra of increase Ahura Mazda created with Asha,
For the cattle, milk for the indigent by holy commands.
Who is it, who with Vohu-Mana can announce this to mortals?

8. “This one is known to me here, who alone heard our precepts:
Zarathushtra Spitama! He desires me, Mazda, and Asha,
And assistance in prophesying,– thus I grant him sweetness of speech.”

9. Then cried the Soul of the Bull: In this disaster I am not rejoiced over the impuissant lord,
Over the voice of the feeble man, as I desire a mighty ruler!
When shall he arrive, who brings to me a strong-handed succour?

10. Give to us for help, O Ahura Mazda, Asha and Kshathra,
That we may create good dwellings and peace through Vohu-Mana,
For I account Thee, O Mazda, as the first Possessor of these things.

11. When shall Asha, and Vohu-mana, and Kshathra hasten to me?
Do Thou, O Mazda, bestow these upon us for the great dispensation.
O Ahura, come nigh unto us with Thy graces.


Recitation of the Avestan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtiUZ913jCs

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