Avesta: My Amateur Translation of Yasna 30 of the Holy Gathas


1. I announce this for those who desire after what Mazda created for the prudent:
The praises of Ahura and hymns of Vohu-Mana,
Things to be well-thought with Asha, the beautiful through their brightness, the friendly.

2. Hear the best with thine ears, ponder with lucid mind,
To determine the desirable, man by man, each for himself;
Awaken ye to this counsel ere the Great Deed occurs.

3. So, there are two spirits who in the beginning made themselves known as a duality,
These two are, in thoughts, words, and works, the better and the bad;
Rightly do the wise distinguish between them, not so the wicked.

4. Once these two spirits come together in battle,
Life and death are established, and the final state of affairs:
The evil for the corrupt, the Best Spirit for the pure.

5. Of these two spirits, the evil one chose the worst deeds,
And the Holiest Spirit, who is clothed in the adamantine heaven, chose Asha,
As do all who please Ahura Mazda with sincere deeds, the faithful.

6. Of these two, the Daevas chose not the right, nor those deceived by them.
For delusion came to them as they deliberated, that they chose the Worst Mind:
And they rushed together into Wrath, that they might defile the lives of mortals.

7. And to the mortal came Kshathra and Vohu-Mana and Asha,
And Armaiti gave strength and endurance to the body,
That by Thy trial through metal he may be Thy foremost.

8. Then when the Requital overwhelms those evildoers,
Then, O Mazda, for Thy sake shall Kshathra be realized through Vohu-Mana
For they by whom Ahura drives the Druj into the hands of Asha.

9. May we be among those who rejuvenate this life,
O Ahura Mazda! bring us guidance through Asha,
That from our dithering thoughts we may unite unto wisdom.

10. Then verily the destruction of delight shall come upon the Druj;
Then swiftly gathered unto the blessed abode of Vohu-Mana, of Mazda, and of Asha,
Shall be those purest who strive for good recompense.

11. These two Selves which Mazda ordained for mortals inculcate Right and Wrong.
So there shall be a lasting torment for the wicked, and salvation for the truthful.
And through this there shall be joy!


Recitation of the Avestan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kosVhV8DeuE


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