Avesta: Translation of Excerpt from Vendidad on the Afterlife

Excerpt of verses 88-112 of Fargard 19 of the Vendidad, translated by me from the French translation of Charles-Joseph de Harlez de Deulin, a Catholic scholar.


(88) Zarathushtra asked Ahura Mazda: Ahura Mazda, creator of visible beings? (89) Where does the recompense take place? Where is this recompense performed? Where is it executed? Where does it reach the man who in this corporeal world carries it upon his soul?

(90-93) Ahura Mazda replied: After the man is dead and departed, the daevas, malevolent beings, creators of evil beings, come around him to gnaw upon him. After the third night, when the light advances and spreads its rays, when Mithra, with shining weapons, reaches the summit of the mountains which are filled with a pure brightness, and the sun rises.

(94-98) Then the daeva Vizaresho seizes the trapped soul of the malevolent daeva-worshipper, the man who lived in crime. For by these paths created in time come both he who is given to evil and he who is given to good, to the Cinwat bridge created by Ahura Mazda. The soul and the intellect search for the share destined for living beings, made in the corporeal world.

(98-101) Then the consciousness of good actions presents itself promptly, majestic and holy, full of youth, crowned with a diadem, benevolent and strong. The soul of the wicked who did evil is plunged by her into darkness. She lifts the soul of the righteous to the summit of Harabarezaiti, across the Cinwat bridge, following the way of the heavenly Yazatas.

(102-106) Vohumana rises from his golden throne and says to him: How have you come to us, pure soul! from this transitory world to the eternal world? Transported by joy, the soul of the righteous man approaches the throne of Ahura Mazda, and those of the Ameshaçpentas.

(107-108) It enters into Garonman, the abode of Ahura Mazda, the abode of the Ameshaçpentas and all the righteous. The malevolent daevas, authors of evil, tremble before the scent of the perfumes that the righteous exhales after his death, (109) as a sheep trapped by a wolf trembles before it.

(110-112) The righteous gather around him; Nairyoçanha is also present. Nairyoçanha is the minister of Ahura Mazda.


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