Zoroastrian Gatha: an interim Revelation in context of Avestan/Vedic and early Aryans’ religious blunder



By Dr.P.R.Palodhi

While Abrahamic monotheism was revitalizing the religion of God, a different development was taking place in early Aryans’ religion. This especially reflected in the context of Indo-Iranians who composed two great scriptures known as Persian Avesta and Hindu Rig Veda; and called themselves Aryans (Airya/Airyanin the Avesta and Arya/Aryan in the Vedas). Primitive Aryans had intriguing kinship with mysterious race of gods which continued to prevail in their languages: devas in Sanskrit (daevas in Persian), theos in Greek,deus in Latin, dewas in Lithuanian, dia in Irish, duy in Cornish, and diews in old Prussian etc. When a section of Indo-Iranians began to worship their cherished devas by denying or even defiling the Creator God – again a religious conflict became obvious. In this context an interim Revelation came by raising Persian Prophet Zoroaster within among the Indo-Iranians. Prophet Zoroaster exalted by glorifying the…

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