Maori Monotheism: the Cult of Io

Among the Maoris there exists an esoteric, monotheistic cult of Io. A hymn to Him, translated into English, is as follows:

O god of man! Deprive my enemies of power.
O Io! O god of man!

O Io! O cloud! Descend from Rehia, and lightnings flash,
Whilst I my offering make, and chant my sacred song
to Him, the One Supreme!

His Names, as described by two Maori priests and translated by S. Percy Smith, are as follows:

Io-nui Io the Great God Over All
Io-roa Io the Enduring (or Everlasting)
Io-matua Io the All-Parent (Omniparent)
Io-te-wānanga Io of All Knowledge (Omnierudite)
Io-te-taketake Io the Origin of All Things (The One True God)
Io-tamaua-take Io the Immutable
Io-te-Toi-o-nga-rangi Io the Summit of Heaven
Io-mata-putahi Io the God of One Command
Io-mata-ngaro Io the Hidden Face
Io-mata-wai Io God of Love
Io-mata-aho Io Only Seen in a Flash of Light
Io-te-hau-e-rangi Io Presiding in all Heavens
Io-tikitiki-o-rangi Io the Exalted of Heaven
Io-matua-kore Io the Parentless (Self-created)
Io-te-waiora Io the Life-Giving
Io-te-whiwhia Io Who Renders Not to Man That Which He Withholds




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