Avesta: Gathas Yasna 28, Harlez-Goertzel Translation


Inspired thoughts, words, and actions of Holy Zarathushtra. May the Ameshaçpentas propagate the Gathas. Honor to you, pure Gathas!

  1. By this prayer with hands lifted unto the heavens, to please herewith Mazda, the Life-giving Spirit, I wish to honor first those who work righteous works that rejoice the spirit of Vohu Mana and the Soul of the Bull.
  2. I who am for you, O Ahura Mazda! I come with right intention to implore you to give me the goods belonging to both worlds, the corporeal and the spiritual; goods which come from Asha and through which Asha gives greatness unto those who are content (with them).
  3. I who am for you, O Asha, I also wish to praise you, as well as Vohu Mana and Mazda Ahura and Kshathra the Immutable; that through this Armaiti, who gives power and increase, might run to my invocations, to satisfy my desires.
  4. And I who, with the help of Vohu Mana, have applied my soul to heavenly thoughts and know the holiness of works that are in conformity with the law of Ahura Mazda; that I might persevere in desiring holiness, as long as I have the power and strength.
  5. Asha! How shall I come to see you and Vohu Mana and Sraosha who knows the way that leads unto Ahura Mazda, the Life-giving Spirit? It is through this teaching from our mouths, more effectively than through any other means, we can dispel the wicked.
  6. Come with Vohu Mana, you the Eternal Giver of the gifts of holiness. Through words of truth, Mazda, give a happiness full of power to Zarathushtra and to us; that through him we might dispel the hatred of the enemy.
  7. Give, o Asha, purity, the gifts of Vohu Mana. Give, o Armaiti, to Vistaspa that which he desires; give me a similar gift. Give us your gifts, O Mazda, Supreme Master, give us these Manthras, that we might proclaim them.
  8. I implore you, o thou the Best Master, you who takes delight in perfect purity, asking you for the best gifts for Frashaostra, for me, and for those whom you will make partake eternally in the gifts of Vohu Mana.
  9. Thanks to these favors, let us never offend you, o Ahura, nor Asha, nor Vohu Mana; we who seek to please you in offering our hymns of praise, to you who favors the desire for and possession of true goods.
  10. Of those whom you know as creatures of Vohu Mana on account of their holiness, good spirits, fulfill their desires with a great abundance of good. I know that (those who hear) your teachings possess the food and gifts that you never lack.
  11. O thou, Ahura Mazda! Teach me from the heavens, from your own mouth, so that I might proclaim; teach me to forever preserve Asha and Vohu Mana in the state of the creation’s primordial purity.

(Liberally translated by Zebulon Tariq Ulysses Goertzel from the 1877 French translation of Charles de Harlez)

(This translation is Copyright 2016 Zebulon Ulysses Goertzel and free to share with the Creative Commons 4.0 license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Please credit both me and de Harlez.)


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