Wisdom: Bawa Muhaiyaddeen on How To Die Before Death

Bawa: “We are the ones who invite the Angel of Death. We are the ones who create the illnesses through which we die and it is we who create the agreement of our destiny. But we must try to see the section that can cut through this. We must try to understand what needs to be understood in order to die before death. There is a sign for ‘Izrā’īl to come. This sign or allotted agreement belongs to earth, fire, water, air, and ether. This is the world. The mind, birth, arrogance, karma, illusion (māyā), the desires and visions of the mind constitute our world. If any of these things are with us, then ‘Izrā’īl comes. But if the mind dies then desire will die, if desire dies then the visions of pleasure will die, if those visions die then illusion will die, if illusion dies then karma will die, if karma dies then the world dies, and if the world dies then the agreement is nullified. There will be no desire, blood ties, differences, or anger. Everything we had before will have left. Nothing will remain. Then there is no death for us. When we are in that state, the Angel of Death will not come. Then there is only light. This is the way to die before death.”


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