Surreal Fiction: India 2066

Otherkins have overwhelmed India, destroying its traditions and throwing everything into chaos. People think they are animals. They believe in reincarnation and transmigration of the soul, and they also believe that time is accelerating because we live in the latter part of the Kali Yuga. Hence it is commonplace for people to wake up as one species and go to bed as another. The government does not want to discriminate against otherkins, so they are unable to limit the confusion. The judges and police do not know what to do–– they can’t even trust themselves to hold onto their human identity; when faced with an attractive hen in the body of an attractive woman, for example, they are sometimes overcome with sudden identity crises and can’t tell if they are roosters. There is no limit to the perversity, because people can’t tell themselves from animals. The cattle and other animals migrate en masse to China, where the Communists have successfully maintained the reactionary myth that otherkins are people. Back in India, people and otherkins are tolerant and pay no attention to the diverse colors and shapes of bodies. Many don’t notice the animals are gone.


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