Salman Didn’t Go to Class

Salman Didn’t Go to Class

Playing with his friends, Salman completely forgot about his classes. The next day, to avoid getting bad grades, he decided to pretend he was sick. His mom took pity and decided to let him stay home from school.

Glad that he avoided trouble, Salman rejoiced. But as soon as he was home alone he started to get bored, so he went to the yard. He kicked the ball in solitude, since his friends were in class, and went down the slide once. Then he returned home and spent the rest of his day on the computer.

The next morning, he began to complain again. Now he had a “toothache.” But Mama, suspecting foul play, said firmly:

– Get up, son, you’re already late.

– How can I go? I have a toothache!

– I’m guessing, since you suddenly have a toothache now. Don’t lie to me, get up!

– Mom, I have to stay home today, I didn’t study for my class…

– Never. Don’t think you can fool me, Salman. I’ve already explained to you how nasty lying is, how it’s forbidden in Islam. And you haven’t prepared for your class! You’ve got me very worried.

– Forgive me, I won’t do it again. But can I stay home today? My teacher will scold me.

– You will go, son, and we won’t discuss this. You should know that this is a punishment for your behavior. Before you do something, you have to think, and then act properly. In Islam lying is forbidden even if you’re joking, and you, clearly, forgot about this.

– I didn’t think you would get so upset. I won’t lie any more, may this be the last time.

Translated from Russian by Zebulon Tariq Ulysses Goertzel. Disclaimer: I don’t know Russian very well. (


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