News: Slavery in Dagestan

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Dagestan police have begun investigations into information which appeared on the internet about human trafficking at a bus station in Makhachkala, reported a representative of the Ministry of the Interior on 14th of May.

“The information in question is most likely a provocation, but it is being investigated.” said a police officer.

The Republic’s Investigation Committee reported that information supporting such facts had not been found, communicated RIA Novosti.

It is noted that on May 13 the blogger Zakir Magomedov posted a report on Twitter about the “Pyramid” bus station in Makhachkala – “This is a black market, where they buy slaves.” Here, according to the blogger, “Male slaves can be bought for 15,000 roubles, and females – for 150,000 roubles.” (tr. note: amounts correspond to roughly $255 and $2550 USD).

According to the site  “Деловая Махачкала” (“Makhachkala Business”), the “Pyramid” bus station in Makhachkala is located at the entrance to the “Pyramid” movie theater, located on Nasrutdinova Street, 38a.

On May 14 the blogger wrote on news about slave trade in the republic. “Today four were saved from slavery. These people were kept not far from the village Mekeli.”

Earlier “Caucasian Junction” reported on a raid on January 23 to liberate men who were working under compulsion at a brick factory in Dagestan in the town of Krasnoarmeiskom. The raid was lead by the young social movement “Alternativa”  with the help of the Dagestan Ministry of the Interior, and through this nine men were freed, among whom were Belorussian citizens.

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